March 24, 2019
To be possted on

Richie from Boston
I frequently watch and always enjoy your YouTube productions.  Nothing like watching a man drive rapidly through snowbound Boston traffic with his eyes riveted on the rear-view mirror.  When I used to drive there under the same conditions, I watched the road, coward that I am.  Doesn’t surprise me at all that nobody else did. 

I’m looking for somebody of great courage, and it doesn’t need to be anybody that agrees with me on stuff.  F’rinstance I’m not sure chem trails have already been introduced, but contrails are bad enough.  If they screw around with the stratosphere enough, we are going to lose the Arctic ice cap and usher in a new ice age. ☹  But it is neither your problem nor mine, and I’ll not distract you, but maybe you’d take an interest in this:

If you take a population of people that is large, say I’d guess more than a few hundred families, and have them marry at random, this result will be depressed fertility.  If it carries on for more than a very few generations, the result will be extinction.  Now I’m sure if you tear your eyes off that mirror you’ll be able to notice that essentially nobody marries cousins any longer even though obviously for the past zillion years we just about never married anybody else.  Who ever said that the change was safe?  Actually that’s recorded, although I don’t know where.  It’s called the “modern syntheses,” and could be phrased, “Evolution is selecting good genes so the bigger and more diverse a population is always better because it provides more raw material for evolution to work on.”  This has been dogma ever since.  It is flat wrong, but that has not kept up from spending a century trying to breed the super race as Nazis are wont to do.  Instead it has pushed us to the brink (maybe even over the brink so far as keeping a high-tech civilization) over the past century, the Piper probably presenting his bill during the present century. 

Now I imagine you’d like to have some evidence, some nice science published in prestige refereed journals with deep, solid statistics and multiple lines of evidence all in agreement.  I have that and am eager to send it to you in a DVD (open in Word in Windows 10) where you can read, copy, alter or whatever you like.  So far as I am concerned this is all public property.  You might even scare the living excrement out of the world; they need that.  I just need a mailing address and I’ll let you have it. 

Linton Herbert

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