February 24, 2019


concerning Michael E. Mann “The Weather Amplifier” Scientific American vol. 320 no. 3 March, 2019 page 43

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When a diamondback starts to coil it is not obvious when it is going to strike.  With continued arctic warming and ice loss, the day will come – likely during a summer – when more energy is being absorbed at the North Pole than further south.  Rising, warm, wet air will rotate counterclockwise as a powerful storm.  The heat will tend to go to the South Pole – likely along a single corridor – dropping very large hailstones in less time than a mammoth could digest a flower and in quantities that will last centuries; thus there will be a new meaning to “glacial speed.”

The northernmost jet stream has begun to coil.  Can Professor Mann’s equations predict when and where it will strike?

M. Linton Herbert MD

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