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Dear Mr. Connery,
Captain Nemo was Scottish.  When he played the organ it sounded Scottish.  Scotland had the best shipyards.  His love of freedom was iconic.  So when Somebody pointed out that you stopped making movies with the “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,” I said, “Of course.”  My father worked in naval intelligence in WW II, and he dearly loved your work.  I think something inside me died when they started taking James Bond too seriously.

So what might possibly lure you back to enthrall us again?  Western culture has always been good against evil, Satan and God going at it.  God’s a pretty flat character.  Like the coyote in the Roadrunner cartoons, he’s the one with desires, plans, perils, a dream.  Yet in scripture he starts out strong and then sort of fizzles.  He’s not even mentioned in Revelation.  There is no scene of his defeat.  All we get is a sort of Antichrist, generally in the guise of Babylon.  Where’s Satan?

For reasons I’ll skip over I wrote a novel featuring Satan.  He’s in competition with God, which he understands, but he is subverted by his underling Lucifer who becomes Antichrist.  My little brother assures me I have the theology all wrong, but hey, it’s story.  If you’d like a copy to flip through, let me know.  Yours for the asking, or rather the agreeing to accept.  I can think of nobody else who could handle the part.  (Yes, he has a sense of humor.)  There’s another character, a grandfather (it has to be a grandfather) who saves the world.  No draft, and it would take a lot of hand waving to explain, so I much recommend Satan.


M. Linton Herbert

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