Sir Sean Connery
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Gordon Lamb House
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Dear Sire Sean Connery:
I chanced to see some of “First Knight.”  I think I was four when I leafed through a comic book about a boy who went to Camelot in a dream.  My fascination continued.  I wrote my high honors thesis at Wesleyan University on King Arthur and the Quest for Holiness.  I have read many versions of the tale.  I think “First Knight” is my favorite (except for the comic book of course … nothing personal … first love and all that).  I look forward to seeing the rest of the movie

If I might be so bold, let me offer the outline of a version stripped of bold bawdry, homicide, superstition, religion and psychological elements.

  1. A man named Arthur became the very good king of a very fine land in which almost everybody was very happy.
  2. A nearby kingdom was affected by a mysterious process that depopulated the land; it was neither war, famine nor plague. 
  3. Arthur’s knight undertook to find a cure, which they thought of as the Holy Grail.
  4. The search went poorly.  They could not find it and bring it back. 
  5. Then everything fell apart so that the very existence of Camelot is doubted. 


So why did it collapse when the early years had gone so well?  I propose we should think that it was because the knights did not find the Grail.  Depopulation took them out.  For longer than the written word, The British Isles have had obvious structures bespeaking an ancient vanished culture. 

Skip forward a few decades from my first exposure and I was pondering why people do such bad things to people, like wage war on them.  I concluded that if you mixed enough sufficiently different populations that there would be a small decline in fertility.  The hostility that caused war might actually have a small reproductive advantage.  I started looking.

I found the proof.  I had no idea how strong the effect was, how near kin “sufficiently different” was nor how far we had all gone down the road to oblivion. 

Later I realized I was holding the Grail. 

It took about five years to find it.  Then all I needed to do was to bring it back to Camelot to give to Arthur, and for the first time ever there could be a story with a happy ending.  Ten years more on and I have found that Arthur is more elusive than the Grail itself.  It would take a lot to qualify.  It would take a man with the brains to understand the matter, the courage to trust his brains over common opinion, the charm to bring together a fellowship that could discuss it, a country he wanted to save and the heart to try.  Years ground on.  I aged.  I was no longer a knight errant but an old hermit talking to whomever I could corner or lure with a meal. 

There is evidence on the enclosed DVD and more at my website where I also record my more recent correspondence.  You can see that I have really tried and that the evidence is very strong. 

Then I saw your movie.  Aha.  So I lay the DVD at your feet.  Please have a look.  It’s only 10 minutes.  

If I can be of assistance in any way, do let me know.  Meanwhile, what are you going to do about it?


M. Linton Herbert MD and

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