April 21, 2015

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I wish to present an idea.  I doubt you have ever heard of it, and in that case I think you will not be impressed, but there is a small chance – I would guess less than 1% – that it already troubles you; in that case you might forgive my intrusion.  Ordinarily I address academics, for ideas are their business, but they are not really remarkable for ability to entertain new ones or, having seen, to make things happen.

Purely as a rhetorical gambit, I point out that you are in charge of a large proportion of the wealth of the world.  Were that world threatened, you might feel it reasonable to take steps.  In this case “world” means the business, political and financial interplay that are now global, that is our “regime.”  Regimes fall catastrophically with nauseating regularity.  They have been around for thousands of years, yet it is hard to think of one more than three hundred years old.  European constitutional monarchies?  They weren’t always so constitutional.  The Icelandic Althing?  Hardly independent of other regimes over the years. 

Had you pointed this out to me twenty years ago, I would have said that regimes face dangers and the decay rate is such that there just aren’t any really old ones.  There is no reason one can’t last indefinitely.  Then one day I looked at the numbers; regimes not only fall before age 300, they must so fall.  You can find the numbers along with much of the rest of the argument at

By now I am sure you are eager for more or utterly unimpressed, but let me push it a little harder.  The only cause underlying the fall of regimes (and there can be but one cause if you look at the numbers) must be demographics.  If you stir up the gene pool enough then fertility declines and the regime is doomed.

Everyone with an interest in the world knows that Israel faces a long term risk because their birth rate, although commendable, is below that of the Palestinians.  THAT CAN BE FIXED.  You would think they’d like to know how.  Obviously you have to understand the reason first. 

And it’s deeper than that.   If people are unconcerned with the mating strategy of their children, there will be a progressive drift of the hearts of people forever farther from the tolerance and love we all admire and need so much.  For that one, go to YouTube and look at “Babies Triumph over Evil.”  It’s a 45 minute video.  This isn’t just a reaffirmation of something you already know, so it is like a mystery story.  You have to follow through to the end.  At that point you may be able to condense it to three minutes, but I cannot. 

Or you may be able to think of what to do about it.  Please have a look and let me know what you think.


M. Linton Herbert MD

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