October 14, 2018


Stefan Molyneux

Dear Stefan Molyneux,
You have recently taken an interest in how people are having trouble establishing the kind of permanent loving relationship on which our civilization is based. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCbgrdqgxRw
Your analysis is brilliant and arrogant.  That’s good.  You are going to need all of both you can muster.  What you see is but the shadow of the tip of the iceberg.  There is a reason for the reasons. 

I recently watched “Stranger Things,” the movie where a Shadow Monster from a parallel universe is making its way into our own, threatening to wipe out humans and just about anything else you might hold dear.  There is an intellectual monster loose in our world right now doing the same thing, and far more advanced than the one in the movie; whether it can be stopped is problematic.  I have the evidence, all documented with respected science articles, on a DVD that I would like to snail to you if you would give me an address.  However unlikely, it is possible that you are a lickspittle toady doing the wishes of someone who provides “encouragement” and “advice.”  If so I understand completely and congratulate you on acting well done and wonder how he found you.   If you are the independent firebrand you purport to be, your kindling awaits.

In the movie, there were a number of people working together.  Although I can show you the mechanism and the effects and clarify places where I am unclear, that about ends what I can do; I have hammered at this for twenty years, ever since I was middle aged.  You will be utterly alone unless you can get help. 


Linton Herbert

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