August 10, 2017

Dr. Steven Greer

Dear Dr. Greer: (Feel free to skip down to the :)
I always enjoy your presentations.  At absolute worst they seemed a pleasant trip through unlikely fantasy.  At the best, of course the sky would be the limit.  Now as a scientist I would hesitate to write you since our interests are at the outset so divergent.  But I, too, am a doctor – a diagnostic radiologist – and the tradition I think persists that any doctor can talk to any other about anything.  When you said, “Sure you can reject all the evidence for UFOs but as a doctor I often prescribe medications for which the evidence is much less strong.”  I thought, “He’s right; he really is a doctor; he is astute; he is up to speed on the current literature, where tainted evidence on drugs is a well developed scandal.”  I was shaken.  I make bold to say that my default skepticism was then deeply shaken by a recent post on Secureteam 10
I had just posted a note saying that although I remained skeptical about extraterrestrials, the “face on Mars” series of events proved that government cover-ups are as real as things get to be.  Well, the secureteam 10 posting makes a very strong case for the face being a real piece of heroic sculpture.  NASA had only recently released undoctored (poor word choice) information.  Of course that could mean that they are letting us know that they are out there in preparation for the false flag operation you have described.  That would be beyond my ability to guess at.

Still in all, the world for me is different.  Extraterrestrials, however improbable they be, must be taken seriously.  Had we seen the thing on Mars first, then sightings of them around Earth could be dismissed as fantasy evoked by the sculpture(s).  There is no way that observations here created artifacts there.  (As a radiologist of course I am always skeptical of uncontrolled observations.  We humans even trained professionals with decades of experience and confining ourselves to a limited horizon still do a very bad job of seeing things. 
A good radiologist presented with a positive plain film has about an 80% chance of picking up the lesion.)

Now I shall put my foot in it, regret it though I may.  If those ET’s are real, either they are neutral to friendly or not.  I know your notion that they should have the technology to vaporize us in an instant, but they just might not find it so easy.  Say there are only a dozen craft.  Say they are easily wearied, so that while a human can work efficiently for 2,000 hours a year, they need to rest their mighty brains and heavy heads after 500 hours.  Maybe they’re slow to react; those big implied brains take some time to do anything.  To a dog, with its smaller brain, you and I seem to be moving in slow-mo.  Say it takes them about two minutes to acquire, target and destroy an enemy, compared with two seconds for a marine.  Then if they’re into killing folks, it might take them eight minutes even to find a cowering Homo sapiens.  They might not have brought along any weapons of mass destruction.  So a ship kills 6 people an hour.  The fleet takes out 60 people an hour, and in a year they can kill 30,000.  If the world’s population is a million with a reasonable reproductive rate, (250,000 fertile females having 6 children every thirty years for about 50,000 births a year.  They might eventually grind us down.  If it’s 2 million people, they just can’t.  They’d have to get us to kill each other, and so far that hasn’t worked either.

So we start with very different assumptions and wind up with the same answer: don’t panic. 
Now it seems to me likely that our ET guests have a problem with reproduction: first, they – as we see them presented – don’t look very sexy, in contrast with the faces on Mars, that do.  They seem to take an inordinate interest in the private parts of abductees.  They harvest genitalia during their mutilations.  And they have, as it were, consulted a urologist, the specialty generally associated with fertility treatments.  Hmm. 

That only has a little to do with radiology, but it just happens to be my scientific specialty.  I might be able to help them.  Of course it might be too late, as it appears to be too late for most of human kind.  But at least I can tell them what happened.  Why no baby ET’s despite the movie?  Of course I’d be more than happy to explain it to you, but it would take some time and require seeing some graphs. 

So if, indeed, you are able to communicate with them, have them get in touch with me.  On the off chance that you are in contact this weekend, I’ll clear Monday night at 9 PM, my back yard by the water, you have my address.  If that doesn’t work, let’s see what we can set up.  I’ll post this on my web site, but not before Wednesday.

All best wishes,

Linton Herbert

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