March 9, 2015

Jo Ellen Parker
President of the College

(434) 381-6100 | INFO@SBC.EDU

Dear President:
My heart is dashed at the thought that Sweet Briar College might close.  I’m not aware that any of my friends and relations attended, but it has certainly been in the air my whole life, and I am not in a position to make any useful contribution.

However I do have something to offer.  As the attached video will make clear (I hope … if not get back to me) normal fertility for a couple depends on normal, that is to say moderately close, kinship.  This is counter to the usual assumption, but the evidence I offer is massive and there is more where that came from. 

So the coed school, despite some obvious charms, is a demographic death trap; young people go off to college, meet quite unrelated nice folks, marry and take a hit to their fertility.  It takes a number of generations for truly high grade infertility to develop, but we are apparently on the edge. 

So here is a totally unsuspected advantage of the small men’s or women’s college.  Armed with this you have a novel approach to well heeled angels.  They can support the school, support research in the issue (and a lot of that needs to be done still), whether at your school or not, and know they are throwing their weight on the side of the survival of civilization and the families of your students.  Have fun with the video and be sure to let me know if there is anything at all I can do.  


M. Linton Herbert MD

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