February 23, 2018

Viktor Orbán 
Prime Minister
1357 Budapest, Pf. 6.
E-mail: miniszterelnok@mk.gov.hu. 

Dear Sir:

I have read (Family Fortunes Economist vol. 430 no. 9130 February 16, 2019 page 47 and elsewhere) of your stalwart protection of Hungary from massive immigration and heroic efforts to restore a long-term viable birth rate.  As it happens, these two are so closely related you might even call them the same issue. 

Birth rate depends on kinship, generally the closer the better, and ON NOTHING ELSE.  I’ll bet you nobody ever let you know that before.  The proof is in the enclose DVD.  You’ll want to open it in Windows Word 10.  It is not hard to understand.  Just look at the file named “collection” for the easiest intro.

After that there will be the matter of trying to fix things.  It only will require courage and conviction.  Your courage is beyond doubt.  As far as conviction, the DVD files should do that.  If not, then summon some biologists.  If they are unconvinced, in an extreme I can come there, although my powers are much reduced nowadays. 

There are a couple of refinements, like the “Westermark effect” and “How do we get from here to there?” but they can wait.  Right now you have an emergency more pressing than you can possibly imagine.  Of course, I am ready to help any way I can.

M. Linton Herbert

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