July 4, 2019
Vincent James
The Red Elephant
I really liked your show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDUXX_KzISo
about the Amish.  The other day I was telling a man, quite educated and intelligent, that if a population never marries kin – and I mean closer than 10 generations out – the population will go extinct.  He hit me with the usual chestnut, that if people marry cousins the children will be horribly deformed.  I wish I had had a print out of your presentation.  I don’t think anybody would look at those pictures and think of a caption, “The horrors of inbreeding.”  Part of the reason they all look so good may be that the Amish do not smoke or drink.  Alas, they also have no love of books, which for me would be a great drawback.
I understand that many years ago there was a problem in Chicago.  A tornado or something destroyed a lot of houses.  Amish came in from far and wide and pointed out that it would take a long time for the local contractors to do the rebuilding, but if the insurance companies would pay for material, the Amish would rebuild the homes.  They did not want to be paid.  They just said this was one of the things they did. 

The high fertility rate among them is the result of their tight little communities.  They have struck the right balance between inbreeding and outbreeding, something the renowned anthropologist Robin Fox has termed “optimal outbreeding.”  It turns out that fertility is the consequence of kinship between a couple and among their ancestors.  AND NOTHING ELSE.  Choice in this regard is an illusion.  An Icelandic study found that in a certain range it is possible to know the kinship of a couple from the number of children they have. 
A lot of us have the opinion that our government does not truly have our best interests at heart; they are in the clutches of the super rich.  But I think it undeniable that there are in government people who do indeed have our interests at heart and try to establish policies that will benefit us.  But nature has nothing of the sort; nature has no understanding, and if natures laws – policies if you will – call for the elimination of a single population and that can be expected to promote the survival of the species, those laws will be implemented mercilessly and blindly.  And if they apply to ALL local populations, as appears to be the case, natural law will lead to extinction.  Sorry.  You need to regard nature with the same skepticism and care you generally apply to your government.
The proof is in a series of YouTube shows I have made: http://nobabies.net/YouTube%20links.html Look at the first 32 shows, or save yourself some time by looking at the scripts: http://nobabies.net/movie%20scripts.html  I promise you this is the most important thing you can ever learn.  Whether you can help me raise the alarm, and what you think the political implications are, are entirely up to you.
M. Linton Herbert MD

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