President Vladimir Putin

Dear President Putin:
My research on birth rates generally confines me to published science, but for fun I scout less technical sources for new ideas.  There I ran across a rumor that you had not been seen in public for a while and the last time you were in a monastery seeking guidance.  Meanwhile I have guidance to offer and nobody seems much interested; we both pray for what may be the same thing so I make bold to send you a link to part of a lecture I gave to a high IQ society in recent weeks.  (The rest of the lecture is my own unpublished work on fertility, which I would be most happy to share with you, but which might be distracting.)

The shortest way to say it is that there is some number of people, my best guess is close to 1oo families, that provided they confine their mate choice to that circle, will be stable indefinitely.  A smaller group will lead to a dangerous baby boom; a much larger group will die out.  Please reflect that a stable population would be a good thing, look over the lecture, and ask capable people to look it over and see whether it is worth working on. 

If the usual battery of ideas is not serving you well, I assure you that this is a new one.

Thank you for your time.  Best luck with your other difficult tasks.

M. Linton Herbert MD 

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