December 7, 2009

Will Smith
c/o Overbrook Entertainment
450 N Roxbury Drive
4th Floor
Beverly Hills, California 90210

Dear Will Smith,

Along with everybody in the world with a heart and probably most without, I am your fan.  Yesterday I saw “I am Legend” and “Hancock” back to back and somehow survived with sanity or lack thereof unchanged.  Your charm is, of course, legend.  And you do a really good tormented. 

I was particularly moved by Robert Neville.  When he started doing fractions of who was surviving out of six billion, I suddenly thought, “Yes.  I do that calculation all the time.”  He had a global disaster, and he felt responsible.  Same here.  Only this one isn’t my fault. 

So without further ado, I’m enclosing a DVD with a ten minute presentation of my work.  It’s not your problem, of course.  It’s mine.  But if you are ever looking for something for a character to get really tormented over, this should do it.  It’s true.  It’s new.  And it implies rapacious fat cats, innocent masses lied to and wailing, indifferent boffins, cringing politicians, craven press, distorted perceptions leading to apparently justified contempt for anyone broaching the truth, flaming empires, graphic images of the deformed dead … the usual menu.  That’s not all on the DVD, which gives only some facts.  But I can elaborate.

Hope you enjoy.  Maybe there’s a movie in it.  Maybe there’s a presidency. 


M. Linton Herbert MD 

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