June 12, 2019
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William Mount

Dear William Mount,
Long have I enjoyed watching your YouTube presentations and pondering unique issues you raise.  I also have some unique positions, which can be lumped as my Great Obsession and a number I shall be presenting which can, admittedly be referred to as “fear porn” as they are speculative and generally point in unhappy directions.  Somebody may find some of them valuable, but I would not go to the wall claiming they were irrefutable.  The obsession, though is irrefutable.

You have pointed out two threats in particular, a nuclear war and the release of as it were monsters from the pit because of work at Cern, that are threats to the very existence of humanity.  So is my obsession.  But my thesis is based mostly on accepted science and publications in prestige journals, all pretty much public property and available to anybody and not requiring any specialized knowledge.  I shall attach a summary of my work to this email, and you can study it at your leisure; it should not take but a few hours and is, I maintain, the most important issue of our day or any day since the emergence of humans.  The bottom line is that any population of animals, humans included, that does not have a sufficiently large amount of consanguinity among the members of any mating pool, will die out.  For humans it appears to be either three or four generations if the mating pool increases by recruitment or ten generations if it grows by natural increase. 

I hasten to say this has nothing to do with race or ethnicity; these appear to be things nature is not responsive to, but nature is very responsive to whether we choose to marry cousins.  Obviously, we overwhelmingly do not marry cousins in the developed world, meaning the developed world will die out first, at least the competent members of this world.  Anybody can see the horror that must emerge when the day comes when the population is seven or eight billion and the technology can only feed two billion under the best of circumstances, and circumstances will be very bad.


M. Linton Herbert MD

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