August 15, 2011

111 West 57th Street
NY, NY 10019

Dear Sir:

It is hard to believe you actually said that Middle Eastern riots are “inspiring” while your own are “terrifying.”  Any attempt to exert political pressure outside of legal channels is terrifying, whether by nonviolent action or by lynching or other violence. 

There are always going to be political gripes.  Relevant ones in England you mention include marginalization of many people by globalization and the pain of government imposed multi ethnicity.  There is also the issue of military adventurism abroad when money is needed at home.

By embracing the “Arab Spring” and supplying killing services, we have validated crime as a legitimate way of politics.  The sight of this coming home to roost can come as no surprise.  The rioters believe they have the moral high ground.  That the police have managed to get into control without killing anybody is miraculous.  


M. Linton Herbert MD

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