January 31, 2018


Dr. Phrog

I watched your YouTube video, Neon Vests, with pleasure and have ordered 10 yellow vests in case some of them get shot full of holes (only kidding).  I thank you for giving a clue when all of us sympathizers with those intrepid French can - as it were - speak with one voice. 

Meanwhile, I am totally convinced of your brilliant mind and your sterling intentions and have something that might interest you and that, I think if properly presented, might aid our ability to avoid enslavement and – I kid you not – extinction. 

I have the proof, mostly in the form of refereed articles in prestige science journals.  I’d stake my life on the bottom line.  On the other hand, I have more respect for your handling of presentations than for my own abilities on that line.  So if you would be good enough to give me a snail mail address, I’d like to send you a DVD containing files with the material all laid out.  If you have no public address nor a friend who will willingly receive and forward mail, I can give you a link as well as offer to be such a friend.

All the best,
Linton Herbert

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