You may have noticed we’ve started putting some of the text of the home page into orange.  There’s actually a reason for this.  (Orange Light Boosts Brain Power NATURE vol. 507 no. 7492 March 20, 2014 page 276 reviewing Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. USA http// (2014))  There is evidence that looking at orange, maybe red orange, boosts your cognitive ability.

That’s not the first try.  Tiny, difficult fonts and such words as “think” are supposed to, so we try that as well.  Amusingly our picture of a Neolithic “Thinker” was made by the original artist with a red orange background.  The picture itself is to get you thinking about thinking.  The background color suggests either coincidence or a remarkably perceptive photographer. 

When I think about advertisements I’ve seen recently, orange does not seem to be a dominant color.  It’s very conspicuous.  Of course advertisers don’t really want disciplined thought.  They just want you to take their word for this or that.  The same goes for a lot of your input.

But what we deal with in these virtual pages is very abstract, very important and needs a lot more mental input.  Don’t take my word for anything.  Check my references and then use your own brain.

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