Perfect babies:
Someone once told me that it annoyed him that I said my goal was to save the babies.  Apparently the implication that babies needed saving was more offensive than the fact that it is true.  Go figure.

Anyway, I think we all can agree that babies need to be protected.  What we don’t agree on is what a baby is, exactly.  And on that point, alas, blood has been shed.  So rather than enter a ready made fray let me introduce a new term:  perfect baby. 

When a man and a woman who want to have a baby and who are prepared to give that baby a good start in life produce a healthy sperm and a healthy egg and get them together somehow, I call that a perfect baby.  It has every advantage at that point one could ask for. 

Of course not every fertilized egg implants in the uterus and develops to pay taxes.  Sorry.  Some of that is nature’s work and can’t be changed.  But notice how this addresses the question, “When does life begin?”  Before the moment when egg meets sperm it is impossible to define an individual.  The egg might meet a different sperm and thus be a different person.  But once the two have met the result will usually be – provided Mother Nature gives her ok – a person who will grow into an adult.  It is more spoken of now than in prior years, but the social and professional not to mention the physical parameters of that life are mostly fixed by the DNA combination.  The child only needs a fighting chance. 

So if there is a perfect baby and some human has taken action or takes action to prevent that from growing up, that is murder most foul by any definition.  Of course overwhelmingly, in the urban world, that action is taken and the action is to marry outside the circle of kin.  That has a strong chance of preventing the egg and sperm from forming a zygote and a strong chance of making that zygote grow up into a less fertile or less than fertile adult.  That is again murder.

And if somebody knows it is true and fails to tell everyone who might find it relevant, that is being an accomplice and carries equal guilt. 

What about the person who is told and shrugs it off without actually looking at it closely enough to make a rational decision as to whether it is true?  Well it’s a lot of people, I can tell you that.

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