Plot comb:

I fear that we are a terrible danger to ourselves and don’t realize it (in addition of course to our suicidal mating strategy.)

I try to avoid saying, “Conspiracy theory,” because it makes me run out of saliva.  So I shall say, “Plot,” with the understanding that I refer to an alleged plan involving more than one person to accomplish covertly and/or deceptively some antisocial goal of potential historical significance.  A number of them come to mind:

Lincoln assassination
Gulf of Tonkin incident
Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq
Assassination of the Kennedy brothers
Three towers collapse
Totalitarian state introduced by the left wing
Totalitarian state introduced by the right wing
New civil war
Martial law
Extermination of most of humanity because we are bad for the environment
Genetically modified food
Food and water additives
Flying saucer cover up

It would be easy enough to sort them into categories of true and false; reasonable people might agree.  But it seems to me that the evidence is so uneven that I would be hard pressed to sort them into a sequence from most likely to least. 

Let me, for the fun of it, entertain the final alleged plot; I just had an aha moment while looking into it.  As I believe I have mentioned that the formation called the “Face on Mars” might be something interesting or not, but the government cover up on it seemed as real as you please.  Well, almost, anyway. 

Look, I’m a professional radiologist.  Bring me an x-ray, and after studying it, I shall say, “What is the history?  How has the patient been feeling?  How did we get to taking this skiagraph?  (Technical term for a old fashioned x-ray; nobody actually uses it.)  How did it get to me?  What other studies have been done?”  In real life, you would give me that kind of information without me having to ask.  Oh, I suppose I might take it as a riddle and give a guess just for fun, but in doing serious work I will never form an opinion on the basis of just one piece of evidence unless there is absolutely no choice.   All right then, show me a picture of a face on Mars, and I shall say it’s a picture. 

So forgive me for straying from my professional standards.  The government cover up seemed real enough but could be illusory.  Contrast that with my opinion that marrying non kin reduces fertility over the generations to a degree that dominates history.  On that one I shall stake my life, my fortune and my sacred honor.  That isn’t courage; it’s a mass of data. 

Well the day after I posted my notion about a cover up I saw a video that featured an astronaut for assurance that it was true bill and featured an unfiltered high resolution image of the face NASA had released.  They made a very strong case for it being an authentic sculpture.  It was the face of a pleasant looking man.  About a third away around the planet was the face of a pleasant looking woman.  There was no question in my mind that it was true bill at a confidence level of ordinary life.    Sorry I can’t give you a link; I tried to copy it but can’t get back.  No doubt it’s my ham fisted computer technique. 

So if there is really a pair of human faces on Mars, then people have traveled between our planets.  The idea of a lost civilization more advanced than our own must be taken seriously.  But then, we have to deal with unidentified appearances in the sky.  The term flying saucer dates back a long time.  Then fairly recently this turned up on Google Earth.


The ruler – the yellow line – as I remember, indicated the thing to be about 200 feet across.  It’s kind of fun to show it to people and watch them try to figure out what it is on the basis of just the one image.  They tend to shun me afterwards.  No problem.  Just don’t make up you mind on the basis of one piece of evidence.  I didn’t find the thing; I got directions from the YouTube site SecureTeam 10.  The fellow has said there is a second disc like object elsewhere in Antarctica (as this is, rather close to open water.) 

Oh, blast.  Now we have to take seriously the possibility that these things are actually zipping around;  they were “sighted” for many years before this picture was taken.  

On, I understand, 9/10 before 9/11 Donald Rumsfeld, then Secretary of Defense, remarked that there were trillions of dollars being spent by the Pentagon that he, Rumsfeld could not account for.  I’m sure you don’t have him on you World’s Most Honest People list – he was part of the “weapons of mass destruction” plot – but since it really did not reflect well on him, and since he is not a bleeding heart liberal dove like I am, his remark wants to be taken seriously, not forgetting that we are at the imperfect one-piece-of-evidence:one-inference level of confidence. 

Then more recently I heard this video on YouTube:
This link seems to work.  It’s an interview with one Timothy Good, who had some information and some contacts of inference.  I did not get the name of the host/interviewer, but he was brilliant.  He let his guest do almost all of the talking; whatever the subject, it’s irritating when an interviewer interrupts the guest.  And I rather suspect that his interviewer got Good to say some things he had no intention of saying when he started.  Among those things was the suggestion that there is government research on ongoing flying saucer contacts, and that this research is highly restricted. 

Sad story: back in WWII in the Pacific prior to an assault on a Japanese held island they would send in the frogmen.  They called then UDTs and now they call them Seals, but this was early.  They were frogmen.  Well these lads would swim underwater to the beach using air tanks, regulators, swim fins and whatever.  They would do such things as attach explosives to obstacles aimed at impeding landing craft.  And they’d often sneak up and write “Kilroy was here” with the traditional sketch on some wall facing the sea.  The Japanese soldiers knew what was going on, at least those on the front line.  Maybe they were impressed with the derring-do.  Anyway, there would be an exchange of catcalls (whatever that means) and taunts.  The frogmen thought they should have hazardous duty pay, asked for it and the request went up through the chain of command until some congressman found it on his desk, looked into the matter and gave a speech in congress about our brave boys in the Pacific.  The next mission took 90% casualties.

Nowadays that would not happen.  There’s the thing called “Need to Know.”  There were trillions of dollars being spent on things Rumsfeld did not need to know, and thus could not find out.  During the interview Good said that information about flying saucer contacts was compartmentalized.  Nobody outside the compartment could be told anything. Then this splendid host asked whether anybody knew everything.  Implicitly, was there more than one compartment.  Good said that was a good point.   (Poor word choice.) 

 I heard an unconfirmed story from Vietnam.  Somebody was visiting a group of American soldiers in a fort in Viet Cong territory.  One day there was the sound of gunfire from a nearby hill, screams, explosions, smoke.  He remarked to a soldier, “That’s quite a battle.  How is it going?”  The reply was, “We don’t have any men on that hill.  The Viet Cong are shooting each other.”  Presumably it started as a mistake, and possibly the fight had taken a life of its own.  Remember Mark Antony’s words, “Let slip the dogs of war.” 

Good said we regularly shoot flying saucers.  I’d take that to mean we are shooting at something or other.  Soo, if there are multiple compartments … all right, a honeycomb is obvious; remove the honey and let’s call what’s left a comb – a bunch of mutually inaccessible compartments.  If you like you may think that some of those plots are actually plot combs; nobody knows about what all the compartments are doing.

And maybe there are multiple compartments, each with its own confined and secret purpose.  It is a plot comb,  trillions of dollars a year worth of plot comb. 

Now an unlucky hydrogen bomb, ok all hydrogen bombs are unlucky, a more than usually unlucky hydrogen bomb could annihilate life on earth.  Don’t ask me how.  You don’t need to know.  And we could have a nuclear exchange within the comb. 

The comb seems much more likely than flying saucers piloted by unknown creatures.  Maybe there is nothing to alien flying saucers at all.  We could be wiped out by friendly fire.  I for one say we get rid of all those nukes.  I’m with the president on that one.

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