Public presentation:
Occasionally I lecture at science fiction conventions.  They tend to be very bright people with an interest in science and in how it can be involved with fiction.  I find the lectures good fun.  For one thing, they do not hesitate to shout out a question or a challenge while I am in mid sentence.  That’s fair.  If what I have to say actually makes sense, I ought to be able to field interruptions.  And of course it is invaluable to find out what they understand easily and what they find to be interesting.

My next presentation will be at the Metro Con convention in the Tampa Convention center on Sunday June 19, 2011, room to be announced.  The tile should be something about exobiology.  Of course it ties in with my own major interest. Extraterrestrials cannot contact us because no high tech civilization can survive for a significant period of time without understanding the relationship between kinship and fertility, which they evidently don’t. 

Then I shall be giving a talk in October on the weekend of October 22 at the Necronomicon convention in Saint Petersburg at the Hilton hotel on Tampa Bay downtown.  I hope to be speaking on the fitness of the universe for life. 

I have no financial interest in either convention, nor am I paid.  On the other hand you do have to pay something to get into the meetings. 

My talks tend to be on Sunday.  Saturday is of course prime time so all the celebrities like to be scheduled then.  And since I am no celebrity I am just as happy not to be scheduled in conflict with them. 

So if you are possessed of an ungovernable urge to shout me down, there would be a couple of chances.  Or maybe you’d enjoy it.  And there’s also the rest of the convention. 

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