Well “joice” anyway.  If to rejoice means to express joy more than once, perhaps a more muted emotion is called for here.  But there is good news.  Over the years it has been a lonely battle, this struggle to free people from the burden of ignorance and prejudice that prevents the normal abundance of babies.  But within the past few months I have heard from three experts. 

I had a long and pleasant correspondence with Alan Tapper.  I have only posted my leading salvo.  He responded with a number of challenges that were clear and much to the point.  Clearly he understood and appreciated the importance.  None of his points caused me more difficulty than the embarrassment one feels when one has not made oneself understood to an attentive and intelligent person.  The conversation was carried on, as email exchanges frequently are, as a number of editings of each other’s mail.  The result was rather more confusing than illuminating unless one was right in the middle of it, so I did not think it proper to quote the whole thing as I have done with Dr. Casti.  Let me simply go on record that as of our last exchange he remains unconvinced without having lost my respect for his intelligence, his judgment and least of all his patience.  With enemies like these, who could desire friends, eh?   (That’s a joke.  We are by no means enemies.) 

Dr. Casti is giving it serious consideration. 

As for Dr. Robin Fox, I am hoping to have more word soon.  I shall let him speak for himself. 

The overall point is that in a very short time I have had more responses that were intelligent and addressed the issue directly than I received in all the years before.  It’s like watching a floating island move.  At first your eyes refuse to report the change. 

There have been 11,600 visitors so far. 

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