I am thrilled to announce that professor Hubbard answered my letter.  He was courteous and to the point.  I am posting it without comment on the principle that the guest always gets the last word.  My thanks to him are profuse:


Dear Dr. Herbert: 
Many thanks for your recent communication and kind remarks about my Huffington Post interview. Not having studied any Biology beyond the high school level, I am not competent to judge the scientific merits of your theory about cousin marriage producing superior genetic stock, but I think you do have a valid point about rapid urbanization creating public health problems: look at what happened during the Peloponnesian War, when people and animals from all over the Athenian countryside were crammed together inside the city walls and a plague then wiped out a third of the population. 
     A greater prevalence of alternative sexualities, including the various forms of homosexual relations, is also a historical development that comes with urbanization, partly due to greater opportunities for association of those with minoritarian interests and partly due to overcrowding and the difficulty of housing and adequately providing for large families. 
     One of the many perverse incentives created by the modern social welfare state and the principles of gender equity in employment is that men and women of the best genetic stock are having fewer children, whereas those in socially distressed circumstances are having more. To this extent, modern society may well face a long-term demographic crisis. Whether it will result in extinction of the human species as we know it is something I feel unqualified to predict. 
     Thomas K. Hubbard 

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