A reply from Robin Fox:
I am delighted to say that Robin Fox has answered the letter I sent him a few days ago.  In fact he answered it within a day.  With his kind permission here is the letter:


I liked your lecture - particularly about the aliens. The excerpt on
cousin marriage sounds like something I might have written but I don't
recognize it.  I had seen the piece in Science.  I put something about it
in the latest thing I wrote, but the publisher took it out - said it would
be too technical for the "trade readers."
Your lecture makes a great point. Cousin marriage was the norm for 99% of
our existence.  Marrying strangers is a relatively new thing for us as a
Robin Fox”  
We have exchanged some more messages.  He does not place much importance on the 
removal of the reference to the SCIENE article by the publisher.  Apparently it was 
because of space limitations.  And I have found out the source of the quote, kindness of 
another friend.  It was DISCOVER. The August 2003 issue.  
Also Dr. Fox has a web site: 
His perspective on cousin marriages is proving very much of an eye opener to me.  
I had bought into the usual line of, “Oh horrors how dreadful,” far more than I realized.  
I have ordered some of Dr. Fox’s books and shall be studying them eagerly.
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