A Personal testimonial by an Rh Negative Friend:

She begins (I am withholding names):
I myself had the shots before they were mercury free. With Y_ and K_ I had the shots AFTER they were born. K_ my second child was 11 pounds, and no I did not have a C section. I was awake and had Lamaze, with no pain killers. The doctor was shocked after his birth, and apologized all over the place. If he had known the baby was that big he would have done a C section. People don't believe me, but I had him in 2 1/2 hours. 

 No one in the hospital that visited my room (he was a 7 day wonder) could believe I had him. I was tall and skinny. They kept saying someone as little as me couldn't have had that baby. I usually lost my birth weight right away. The nurses told me how much they admired me, for having a baby that big and having natural child birth. I realized later, it could have cost me my life. They gave me two shots after K_. Because the first one didn't take.

If the shot after Y_ had worked, why did I have antibodies?

It is when I was pregnant with E_ that the game had changed. She was due January 8, 1991. In October, on a doctor visit they came at me with the shot. I fought it, saying, no, I won't even take an aspirin when I am pregnant, and you want to inject me with a chemical while my baby is still in my womb. They got mad because I questioned them.

"Honey, says the nurse, if we don't give you this shot, your baby is going to die".
"We have never seen Antibodies this bad." (I am A negative, Y_ is A Positive) They ended up giving it to me.

I got sick that evening. Respiratory problems, fever, it was almost like flu. But I still think it was the shot. I missed two weeks of work. And the doctor wanted to put me in the hospital, but I wouldn't go. I coughed so badly, I thought I was going to loose the baby. It just hit, within 12 hours of having that shot.

I had another shot after she was born.

 Labor was induced on me December 31, 1990. I had gone in for a stress test, and they said that she was in fetal distress and they were going to have to make her come early. Also there was a tear in the amniotic sack and I was leaking fluid. (I had told my doctor about this a month before. He just said it was my bladder). But I told him it didn't feel like my bladder. This fluid was different. He just ignored me.


Y_ was so jaundiced they put paper sunglasses on her and had her under that light.
And she was 6 pounds 13 ounces. I don't think she was ready to come out, because my labor with her was harder than with both my boys, but they were not induced labor.

I realize now how lucky I am. I have talked to so many angry women. Women who lost the baby after having that shot. Women whose babies are born Autistic and with Angleman's and mental retardation.

Here is what some of them say. That some of the babies are born okay. But after they go get their vaccinations they develop mental problems. We have all talked and what we came up with was: They received all the mercury and chemicals from that shot when their mother was pregnant. Then after they are born, they come at them with the vaccinations and mixed with what they already have stored, they develop these mental diseases. Rh positive babies by Rh positive mothers, have not been subjected to these shots in the womb. So their vaccinations proceed normally. But the babies by Rh negative moms don't. The shots are mandatory for ALL Rh negative moms who are pregnant, no matter what the baby’s blood type is, even if the mom and dad are BOTH Rh negative. 

People who refuse are threatened. One woman wrote on a website, they threatened to call CPS on her.

Another that if she didn't have the shot after the baby, she would have to sign a consent to be sterilized before she could leave.

The woman who was threatened, said that after her child was born, she was taking her to the pediatrician, and she had her dressed in a warm outfit with a blanket, and her doctor passed her in the parking lot and jumped all over her. Saying the baby was not dressed right for the weather and threatening her again with CPS. She was upset and puzzled.

What I see is this. If the mom is Rh negative, her child will have at least one Negative gene, two if the father is Negative. If the child is a vegetable, it will probably not reproduce, thereby taking either taking one or two Rh negative genes out of the world. If the mom miscarries the baby, there will be neither.

At first I thought it was money, but now I am not sure. Maybe they are trying to eliminate the Rh negative gene.

If so why? What did we do?

There is something very wrong here. They are forcing Rh negative women to take these shots even if the father is Rh negative. I having been researching this for several years. I don't think any of us realized what was happening because we didn't have the internet then.

End of testimonial.  Now you know what it looks like from the inside.

M, Linton Herbert MD 

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