Seeing while unseen:
One of the scary things about ghosts is that they can be invisible.  It’s bad enough to worry about creatures returning after death.  But if the ghost is invisible and has any physical presence at all, and a mind, you would be totally at its mercy. 

Fortunately there are no ghosts.

But there are spooks, which is to say spies.  The name obviously is well taken.  It is through their invisible work that pressure can be brought to bear on us that we cannot understand. 

It looks like they are getting a boost.  (Ahmed Kirmani et al. First-photon Imaging SCIENCE vol. 343 no. 6166 January 3. 2014 page 58)  
A three dimensional image can now be obtained using light one photon at a time.  That would make it possible for a person or a drone to see things in the dark, including recognizing faces, and it would be impossible for the target to know. 

This is of no consequence to those of us who are trying to call attention to some socially important issue.  And if people mean harm, any thing that discomfits them has its up side.  But suppose some government with little regard to the welfare of the citizens, North Korea at least as depicted for us comes to mind, think about how they could use this to squelch dissent.  Of course we are the good guys.  We wouldn’t do that.  The reason we are the good guys is because we do not permit our government to do such things.

This rule is being increasingly ignored.

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