September 29, 2017


Michael Shermer

Dear Michael Shermer,
Thank you so much for your “Postmodernism vs. Science” Scientific American vol. 317 no. 3 September 2017 page 90.  I liked it so much I read it twice and looked up the hard words ... not my habit.  In these turbulent times of massive misinformation, it is a true pleasure to read something that seems true down to the letter. 

You ask, “How has it come to this?”  I know that’s mostly rhetorical, but it actually has an answer.  It turns out that in order to have normal fertility one must marry cousins, say third through eighth.  If you want the hard data and the references, go to and click on the June 5, 2017 entry (ignoring, please any pieces involving flying saucers; I’m just desperate, that’s all.)  But you know it’s true.  In the old days we all married cousins and there were lots of babies, but now we never marry cousins and the babies are vanishing.  No it’s not modern pollutants.  This has been cycling for thousands of years.  Nor is it choice.  Choice has been specifically ruled out by a study in Denmark.

Of course liberals have been taking the van with the “let’s not marry cousins” spirit.  (Actually that’s an idea dating back to eugenics.)  So they, having had quite a day in the sun, are now dying out.  Obviously that entails emotional distress with an inclination toward obfuscation and violence.  That’s what has hit us.

Although I’d stake my life on this kinship/fertility relationship to be the truth, I’d advise being most circumspect in mentioning it.  A couple of decades of experience persuade me that it is sudden social death.  But if you’d like any clarification, I am your humble servant.


M. Linton Herbert MD 
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