Slavers:  Off topic
I would rather not get into this because it’s not really germane to my interests and it stirs up negative feelings, but I thought you ought to know. 

The doughty hbd chick has posted this on her web site.

It has stirred up a hornets’ nest of comment. 

The bottom line is that apparently there is a trial going on in which some men are accused of something called “grooming” young girls.  The word grooming is an extreme euphemism for seducing, gang raping, otherwise abusing, sexually exploiting and marketing underage girls.  This is going on in England.

Now in a world where women’s rights are respected to a substantial degree and where there is enormous emotional charge in defending them and there are activists pushing the issue, such an enormity ought to be headline news.  I see plenty about officials in the Catholic Church who are accused of misconduct.  If they have done wrong, it needs to be stopped and they need to be subjected to the rule of law. 

This, of course, is far worse. 

Look.  I wasn’t there.  This is not something I have done research on.  All I know is that the allegation exists.  If it’s true, then it ought to be addressed with the full fury of an outraged populace.  If it isn’t true, (and I have no reason to suspect it is not) then we all need to see the story exploded and our credulity duly admonished.  Either way, this is not something I can ignore.

One of the elements to the story is that apparently although the girls are English born of English parents (and quite possibly not from a privileged sector of their society) the accused men are generally immigrants, Muslims in fact.

This does not make what they are doing worse; there are not a lot of things that would.  But it certainly makes the curtain of silence surrounding the issue worse.  What honorable motivation could the media have for not raising a stink heaven high?  This needs to be stopped.

The most obvious ways to bring it to a halt might involve governmental intrusion into private lives to a degree those of Western upbringing would not accept.  ‘Scuse me but it seems to me we hear a lot about how awful such intrusions are in Muslim countries.  Just imagine how the perpetrators would be treated back home.

You can see how it works.  Suppose you were to go to a city in which the maximum penalty for stealing a car was to pay for a tank of gas.  And suppose people there always left their cars unlocked with a key in the ignition.  How long would it take for you to become a car thief?  Maybe most people would never give in to the temptation, but a lot of people would, particularly people from places where cars were locked and punishments were substantial. 

There is no need to give up our freedoms, well for the English to give up their freedoms, to stop this.  Many of the girls involved had seen social workers who suspected what was going on, but like the media and like the mighty of the earth in that part of the world, they kept their mouths shut.  I do not know why, but there is a reason and it is dishonorable. 

hbd chick has proposed a name for the perpetrators, and I would include their accomplices right the way to the top.  The term is “slavers.” 

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