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All right, laugh if you must, but I’ve opened a Facebook account, actually two of them.  It’s a great way to send brief notes to friends.  Of course they just about never answer, but I’ve had decades of being ignored on the web site, so my nerves are like piano wire. 

Recently I opened an account under the name Florida Man.  It’s just a joke of course.  But the press is full of reports with headlines like, “Florida man … (does something incredibly rash, stupid, illegal, tasteless or whatever).”  Well my avatar of Florida Man is a good guy who tries to save babies.  (Surprise, surprise.)  Unfortunately the name has been so overused that you won’t be able to find me.  If you like, you can friend me as Linton Herbert and then you’ll be able to find the other account.  But I post the same on both accounts, so exactly what the second account accomplishes is not clear.  Maybe I’ll figure out how to make something useful about it.  Fear not, though.  My plan is to post his adventures here on after accumulating about a month’s worth.  So you won’t miss anything.  Don’t let this bit of mirth detract from the important issue of the site, of course, but a little fun shouldn’t do any harm, I’m thinking.

There have been 336 visitors over the past month and 60 people have looked at “Babies Triumph over Evil.”

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