Some thoughts on marrying cousins:
The bottom line of all of this is of course that if we are to survive we must marry cousins again.  It doesn’t have to be first cousins of course.  But it just about has to be known kin.  Of course mentioning it breaks a taboo.  So I was delighted when my energetic friend sent me this:

In the near future I would expect more states to make it illegal but, eventually the facts will become known and the trend will reverse. There is no evidence to support the notion that generations of cousin marriage in itself results in genetic problems. The evidence indicates quite the opposite. One must challenge any statements about the dangers of cousins marrying and make people aware of the facts. That way the next generation may give up the myth.
~ Martin Ottenheimer, Professor of Anthropology

I don’t have a complete citation, but I thought the professor might be interested in the fact that marrying cousins is more than all right.  So I wrote him.  He was kind enough to give me permission to post the citation above.  His web site is:  Check out his inspirational message at the bottom of the page.  (I also encouraged him to go to and look at The Dance of the Chromosomes, but he hasn’t get back to me about that yet.)

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