Something is brewing:
Ordinarily of course I tell you everything I know.  However when it comes to research that might get published there are rules.  You can’t just blab it all.  It seems to me that I have already posted so much evidence that the truth should be inescapable for the most prejudiced mind.  That hasn’t happened.  And of course by this time I’m a bit jaded: “Sure, sure, more inescapable data.  This clinches it … again.”  And then nothing.

However I think it’s fair to say that my own research is beginning to smell like a success, and I have in addition a report of somebody else’s research who has done much the same thing but has no clue of the significance of his data, not to mention the importance.  Some day I shall write him and hope he sees what he has done.  Technically I should be able to do so and still publish my own work, but for now I am not sure so I need to hold my peace.  But just in case you think I am beginning to sound like – or have long sounded like – a scratched record (remember those?) I can certainly understand, but from my end of it these are very exciting times.  I am hoping to get my break this very year.

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