Ok.  We could stop right there,  but I’m going to try to sneak up on a value of InPop that will give us a more constant number of offspring.  So run 50 will be a thousand generations with the same parameters and starting with the saved 200 InPop but with max pop limited to 300, and take it up slow from there.  It ought to be between 600 and 800.
This will be run 51, c0lumn 14 on worksheet 3.  Taking 300 as InPop from run 50 and running it at max pop. 400. Then save 400.  Done.  Range was 800 to 2400.


This will be run 52, column 15 on worksheet 3 taking 400 as inpop from run 51 and running it at maxpop 500, saving 500. … It was a disaster.  Only survived a generation or two on two tried.

So run 53 work sheet 3 column 16 will be like 51 was and starts with 300 from run 50 and takes it up to 400.  We did that before.  It worked then and it worked this time. 

Now we can try to go up again.  The 400 are already in place as InPop.  So run 54 work sheet 3 column 17 will take them and try to run them up to 500.  Died at once.  And so forth, running 300 to 400 and trying to go to 500 through run 58.

So I started run 1, worksheet 4, column 3 just starting with freshly made population of 500, and it worked; they lived.  Saved summary and remaining pop as flat 500 in folder sneaking up on 500. 

For run 59, I shall put remaining pop flat 500 into InPop, and then bring it back out 500 strong to run for 200 generations and see whether it is kind of flat.  … All right.  So I’ll graph it out.  … yep, kinda flat. 
For run 60 I shall run 700 flat….it lived, saving summary in sneaking up on steady state.Saving remaining pop same place. It has already been plugged into inpop.

For run 61 I shall run that saved population another 200 gens.  It lived.  I’ll graph it. … Done.  I think that is about as steady as she’s going to get.  J

That’s about it.  I’m going only to try for the two peaker.  I’ll pull 512 out of InPop for run 62, zero initial pop, 4,000 max pop, 200 gens,  10 reps, everything else the same and continue by halves until I lose interest.  … All died, gen 2 in the first simulation and then gen 1 in the rest….hmm Ok, so we’ll drop max pop to 3,000…. Same deal.

Ok.  We will repeat pulling out 700.  It worked before…. 8 lived first to die at gen 2 and one died at gen 92.  Soo now the same deal, run 65, raising max pop to 800…. All lived.  We shall raise max pop to 900…. Then 1000 … then 1100.  All the same deal; either they do good or die by gen 2.  Once one dies the rest die, which is probably a programming glitch.  On to 1200….

4 died at gen 1.  1 at gen at gen 30.  Ok this was run 69 column 14 sim 9 so we copy it by hand “remaining pop run 69 30 copied by hand”  There were two peaks followed by collapse. 


OK we have everything we need.  But I’d still like to see the second peak higher, so I’ll change 500, 500 to 450, 450 on post and 550, 550 on pre to try to get pre t0 strike faster and harder, run 70 on worksheet 4 column 15 beginning with the old InPop and holding max pop at 700.  I doubt it works.  … with the first simulation went through OK, but 2 died at gen 248 2 died at gen 2, and all the others at gen 1.  Glitch city.  I’ll try one simulation, same rules, and try to save a population.  Last time, of course I had to go back and create a population from scratch; probably will this time.

Anyway, run 71 will be just like 70, but only one simulation….ok it died out on generation 918.  I think that means try again as 72…croaked out at 691.  Might work some day, but I don’t trust it.
I’ll go back and build a population from scratch in 73; it worked before.  All else stays the same.  … dead at 152 generations. Run 74 will be 10 sims like that.  later … 9 died: 393, 393, 80, 738, 1k, 75, 624, 349, 244, 914.   We are just a little harsh.  I need to back it off on run 75, which will be on worksheet 5, column 1.

Good enough;  9 lived out of ten at 500, 400. Saved 700 out of the last simulation and have already put it in at InPop.  Next ep will be run 76to pull it out and run it once same parameters at 700 as run 75, worksheet 5 column 2 but for 200 gens. … it went ok, although once it dropped to 500 for one generation.    When I graphed it out, it sort of looked like damped oscillation. 

So run 77 is going to be the same but raising max pop to 800 and doing 10 simulations.  … all lived.  In fact I think I’ll graph the final run, it’s sort of stable.  Then on to 900 max pop.   … The graph doesn’t look as stable as 66, less noise but more concerted movement.  So it’s going to be run 78 just like 77 but max pop up to 900.  … nine lived.  Seemed real stable.  Might graph it some day but:

Now run 79 will be same but max pop 1k … and they all lived, so it’s on to max pop 2 k. … as run 80.

4 lived.  One died at then 16 thus:  3030, 8372, 7982, 7360, 6794, 6073, 5816, 5932, 5776, 5907, 4583, 5619, 6038, 3662, 2755, 0.

3030           8372 7982 7360 6794  6073 5816  5932  5776  5907          4583 5619  6038           3662           2755            0


Ok, then, this was run 69 using 500’s

and run 80, using 500, 400.

It looks like the right track, so I’m going to go to 500, 300.

        4 lived and   6 died.  I’ll ease up to max pop 600. 

 The last population survived and I’m keeping it.  JJ
There were 700 saved.  RemainingPop 81 has been installed as InPop.  Run 82, worksheet 5, column 8 will be one simulation for 200 generations, bringing in 700 from run 81, but limiting it to 600 max pop, other parameters unchanged.  It looked pretty good, rarely going below 1k and rarely above 4k. I graphed it, and it looks if not constant at least aimless in its meanderings.  Saved summary but no saved population. 

Run 83 will start the search for all the jelly beans: 10 sims with max pop 800 and the rest just like run 82 was.  … five lived, five died, but the last five look dead because of a bug, they’re all together.  No population to save.  I’ll save the summary and go on in run 84 to max pop 1k. … 3 died, 91 to 200 gens.

Run 85 will be the same but max pop will be 2k.  … 1 died in 143 gens, others after 1; bug city.  On to 3k. as run 86  … 1 died at 10 gens.  The rest were wiped out by the bug.  Ok.  We repeat a few times.  87 will be the same but 1 sim. …bingo!  Here it is:

well maybe not quite.  On to run 88.  … that died out in 83 generations and looked only like it was wandering.  … run 89 died out in 59 generations.  And so on to run 90. … 69 generations

Run 91, 102 gens, we shall take a look. …

That will do. JJ Got that on Feb. 20, 2017.  I had just had my teeth cleaned. 

Now will it break at 4k?

Run 92 …

First try. J  J


Now then we’ll try for damped oscillation.  In run 93 everything will be the same, but we limit the population to 700 and only bring in 200. …
Aaaaand …

And that does it.


J  J

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