Strawberry moon:
There was a harvest moon, which was a full moon in the fall when you could work in the fields far into the night, because the moon came up just as the sun set.  And there was a water moon, which was a moon behind low clouds suggesting the hope of rain.  By now, however there is a cottage industry of inventing or digging out old accounts of various kinds of full moon.  The latest I have heard of is the strawberry moon.  Time was, a strawberry was a superficial contusion, but as time has gone on we can now actually afford real strawberries; I wonder if boys still get strawberries. 

So tonight there is a full moon as well as its being the summer solstice.  The two events have no direct astronomical link so this should happen about 1 out of 28 years.  The headlines are calling this a “once in a lifetime” event.  Don’t expect us to live very long, do they?

Meanwhile I am still splugging away at the lab and a write-up and have been neglectful of this site.  I’m sorry.  Thanks for coming by anyway. 

There have been 251 visitors over the past month.  One day 61 people dropped by.  I do hope to have something new and different to say soon … well I do, but it’s not complete.  You can write me at but I don’t check that very often; traffic is very low.  But I’ll get to it one day. Babies Triumph over Evil has been run on YouTube 247 times.

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