Sympatric speciation:
I trust by now you have popcorn munched your way through the movie I posted on March twooth.  So you must know that speciation is very important and can occur under time pressure.  You also know that it is not necessary to have a community physically divided in order for speciation to occur. (That would be called allopatric speciation.  If the two populations are not isolated from each other it’s called sympatric.) 

Well they have now discovered (Bird Diversity at Close Quarters NATURE vol. 518 no. 7537 February 5, 2015 page 8 reviewing Evolution Http:// (2015)) that scrub jays living on an island off California are specializing for life among oaks and life among pines even though the oak and pine groves on the island are adjacent.

Yes, well done.  That’s exactly as we would have expected.

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