The blog of Robin Fox:
I am happy to report that the redoubtable Robin Fox now has a blog on the Psychology Today site.  Fox is author of The Red Lamp of Incest.  Somebody put that on a list of the ten best books of all time.  He is also author of Kinship and Marriage, which I understand to be the most widely read anthropology text there is so if you want to understand humanity, that is the best place to start.  He has written other books as well, and we look forward to what he will put on his blog.  Go to Google and search for Psychology Today.  There is a button “Of Blogs” you can click.  When that loads there is a blue bar at the top with a button “Experts.” Go over the “down” arrow and you get a couple of buttons including “Our Experts.”  Click that.  When the page loads, go to the bottom and click on page 5.  That brings up a panel of pictures.  Robin Fox is the only one wearing a yachting cap.  Click that and you are looking at his biography.  Click The Tribal Imagination button, and then “read more.” Presto you are looking at his essay.  Or maybe you can use this link: 

You may have to click on the "experts" button and chase it down from there.

Best of luck.

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