The Dance of the Chromosomes:
The dance was performed at the Necronomicon science fiction convention held by Stonehill in St. Petersburg in October of 2010.

To see the dance, go to and search for The Dance of the Chromosomes.  There is also a “Dance of the Chromosomes” which was done by somebody else so be sure to include the “The.”

For the narration, choreography and discussion you can go to Exobiology Update 2010, October 23, 2010 on the web log.  That explains the dance and why, given the logic behind the dance, there are any animals left alive at all including us.

The easiest up to date overview of the issue is still the Albuquerque poster placed on the web log on March 25, 2010. If something seems amiss or you want more information you can write me at  And of course if you like you can spend any amount of time reading the log.

There are some errors in the key citations.  I shall post the correct versions tomorrow. 

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