The Great Sweep of Thought:
I have had the privilege of reading a book I hope will be published so I can recommend it to you.  It is a review of the history of some modern ideas that extend far back into the ancient world and examines in meticulous detail how they have evolved into our own sensibilities.

The book, more than any other I have read, ties the great adventure of the human mind together into a single shining accomplishment.  I thought I would stand back and look at it as a whole.

The story is intimately bound up in the history of literacy.  Ancient ideas have been available to others in our recent and deeper past.  What insights are gained can be kept for others to learn and extend over time. 

This is perhaps the greatest of the things I am trying to save.  It is one of the treasures of civilization.  There are other treasures.  There is great art and great music.  There is great philosophy and great cuisine.  There are many great religions.  There is mathematics and science.  The loss of any of these would be incalculable. The loss of all would be beyond imagining.  And if we lose our literate culture, we lose them all.

If unchecked, the fall in fertility will doom every developed nation very soon.  The less developed parts of the world are not far behind.  Even if, by some grace, the least developed parts of the world can maintain the treasures of civilization for a time, unchecked their fertility decline will doom them, too.  So the issue I lay before you, the issue that gene pools must be exclusive or they shall be lost, that issue is the most important that is or ever has existed. 

The fix is quick and cheap.  All it needs is for the word to get out.  Once it does, the problem will be fixed.  It will not be fixed for everybody.  It need not be.  We can take terrible losses and go on.  In itself, a reduced world population is no bad thing.  And once the word is out, it will be a non-issue.  Everyone will know.  All will have responded as they see fit.  And this will suddenly become the least important issue. 

If that happens. 

I hope it will.

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