June 9, 2014

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re: Holy Grail Found Say Researchers #106 p 10

It is always a pleasure perusing the diverse opinions you present.  On the Holy Grail issue, perhaps something is missing.  I did my honors thesis in college on the Holy Grail and back then the word was: A country has been struck with a curse of infertility; they are dying out.  The Holy Grail is the cure.

That definition doesn’t get much exposure these days.  But the demographic threat is beyond all doubt.  It has been a generation since the developed world could produce enough babies for long term survival in spite of many programs to bring the babies back.  Since there has to be a cure, even if it is too late for the cure to be effective, the Holy Grail properly defined is not a myth at all.  It is simply a mystery.  Obviously it has nothing to do with the rationale of any program that has been tried.

So I found it.  It really didn’t take long.  I was thinking about how world peace could be brought about.  I decided to look at some numbers and within minutes I was looking at proof that I had the Grail.  So I am in the position of the little old hermit who has the Grail and needs a hero to take it back to Camelot.  Pity nobody’s looking.

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