The Red Lamp of Incest:
I have read The Red Lamp of Incest by Robin Fox, University of Notre Dame Press Notre Dame 1980 and found it fascinating.  I also had a brief but very useful correspondence with professor Fox.  He makes some points that I had already picked up. One is that it really is a mystery why the women are not having babies at present.  I do not think it is a mystery to me or anybody who reads briefly in this web log, but for the rest of the world it would be quite baffling should they make the effort to think about it.

He also makes the point that choice of partner is very important. 

What I had not quite realized before reading the book is how powerful the incest taboo is.  I simply regarded it as irrelevant, but I now believe that it presents a substantial barrier to rational thinking and action. 

I think well of the man and his book.  I would recommend it as a fascinating read.

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