The great Satan 2 of 2:
I am, as I have mentioned, not Muslim, but were I one of their clerics I might think like this: The Japanese do not believe in the Prophet, but that does not mean they don’t know a devil when they see one.  And maybe they had a point.  That storm was certainly a coincidence if nothing else. 

They had the courage to lay down their lives, as we are doing.  I wonder what would have happened had they held on.  As far as nuclear weapons, they are obviously the devil’s joy.  And America revels in them.

The Americans, by and large, do not believe in the Prophet.  Neither do those other rich countries.  And they boast of it: “Separation of church and state,” they say, but it is really intolerance of all religion, even their own, which is the next best thing to the Prophet.  And now they have no babies.  Clearly God means to punish them.  And God is punishing us as well; we have not enough babies.  Maybe we need more faith, need to fight harder, and the babies will come back.

Look at how America treats her friends; they overthrew a democracy in Iran and installed the Shah.  Then when we rose up against the American puppet the Americans would not take him in.  America is a place of no honor.  Marcos was their man in the Philippines; they stabbed him in the back.  Saddam Hussein was their man in Iraq; they stabbed him in the back.  Gaddafi was their man in Libya; they stabbed him in the back.  Assad was their man in Syria, or should have been since he was the only one who stands up for Christians in his part of the world and although they haven’t quite got round to stabbing him in the back they sure aren’t doing him any favors.  It looks like being friends with America is about the worst thing you can do.

No, I am not saying that the paragraph is the truth. I’m just saying I can see how somebody might believe it.

And my alter ego might go on: And now their president has said, “Muslims of the world should know that here in America we embrace our Muslims.  They are part of our society.  We do not exclude them like Europeans do.  That is why we don’t have the problems.”

Well for one thing, they are farther away.  And for another thing, he’s lying.  The American Muslims are living in poverty in Detroit.  And I suppose he’s forgotten 9/11 and forgotten recruits for ISIS who come or try to come from America.  But what he has really said is, “France, Denmark, you got what you deserved in those attacks.  The way you treat your Muslims is the only reason they have done such horrible things to you.  Shame on you.  They were right to do what they did.”  Those people are his natural allies.  America does not just stab third world dictators in the back; America stabs rich allied democracies in the back.  The commoners in America have raised no voice of protest, no whisper that their ancient friends have been betrayed.  These are people of no honor.  There is no negotiating with them. 

And perhaps he sees, as I have remarked before, that the “statue” in New York is not “Liberty.”  Liberty is a woman and wears a triangular cap.  The Antichrist is “Apollyon,” which is Apollo with a Greek ending and is represented as a muscular male with a spiked crown. 

No I don’t believe it.  But I can see it.  Alas, the truth is rather worse than that.  America has, and has largely pushed onto everybody she can, the mating strategy that anybody can marry anybody and it’s just fine.  Well I think people have that right.  But I think people have the right to know what the consequences will be when they don’t marry reasonably near kin.  Stab your puppet in the back, stab your friends in the back, but when you kill off all your babies there will be nobody left to shrug it off.

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