The outbreeding dastards just won’t die:
A recent article in Nature, “Survey reveals inbreeding extent Nature vol. 573 no. 7773 September 12, 2019 page 167” reveals, in the usual “Squeal, wet yourself and run away” manner this topic regularly elicits, that inbreeding does happen and can cause small stature, puny muscles and poor cognitive ability, thus ignoring the single most important – biologically – thing about people.  What does it profit the big, strong people with excellent language skills, economic savvy and energy, and incredible if rarely used powers of abstract reasoning if they have no children while the stooped, stupid weaklings have children? 
Looking at the Icelandic study done by the Helgason team (An Association between Kinship and Fertility of Human Couples Agnar Helgason et al. SCIENCE vol. 329 no. 5864 February 8, 2008 page 813 – 816  (Helgason A, Pálsson S, Gudbjartsson DF, Kristjánsson T, Stefánsson K.)
and the Danish study led by Labouriau (Human Fertility Increases with marital radius. Rodrigo Labouriau and António Amorim.  GENETICS volume 178 January 2008 page 603 Comment on “An Association Between the Kinship and Fertility of Human Couples,” Rodrigo Labouriau and António Amorim SCIENCE vol. 322, page 1634b December 12, 2008) fertility increases with kinship.  Both of these studies confirm what we have always known, that you can overdo kinship.  But pointing out that problem without mentioning the more important issue of the necessity for kinship seems dishonest and dangerous.  

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