The stuff at the heart of the sun:
Oh dear.  I had a prediction.  It was that the earth would be found to be expanding slowly because there is a time reversed black hole at the heart of it and a bigger one lies at the heart of the sun.  The reversal of time, of course, is something I have long thought about, most recently in a letter to Michio Kaku.  A reversed black hold at the heart of the sun might account for the solar neutrino deficit (which could be a lot bigger than they calculate depending on interstellar neutrino flux) and for the appearance of the continents no longer being able to cover the planet.  Well now they are saying (Did Dark Matter Do In the Dinosaurs ECONOMIST vol. 414 no. 8927 February 28, 2015 page 71) that there is dark matter accumulating at the heart of the earth and presumably then the sun. 

The sun’s output is eerily constant.  If it really depended on hydrogen fusion, that is odd, sort of a damp squib effect without the dampness.  If it depends on infalling stuff, it should vary a lot.  But a time reversed black hole would be likely in synch with other black holes such as the universe itself and be quite stable.  So what gives?  Is that dark matter a ghost galaxy of reversed black holes?  Dark energy is easy, of course.  I’ve discussed that before.

Do you suppose we’ll hear from professor Kaku?

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