The trend:
About a month ago I posted a video and invited all me friends on Facebook to have a look at it.  Some did.  Then a few days later I began to feel not so hot and missed some postings.  That actually corresponded with a greater increase in traffic.  Here’s how it looks:

The first bump only lasted one day.  But the next lasted long enough so you can get a sense of how fast interest declines.  It looks like it takes four days to drop by 50 %, say 12 % a day or 88% survival from one day to the next.  Where it but 25 % more, that would be 110% daily or 10 % growth daily.  It that case, given sufficient starting size, it would grow until it had reached a significant proportion of the available pool of interest.

In short, fellers, you almost did it.  Well done.  As always any suggestions are welcome at


There have been 434 visitors over the past month.

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