They Can Dream:
Africa is just about the only place on earth with ample fertility and prospects for continued fertility.  There is a sentiment that this needs to change.  There are thought to be too many babies in Africa. (Fertility Treatment ECONOMIST vol. 410 no. 8877 March 8, 2013 page 13)  The hope expressed is that modern fertility control methods become widely used there. 

I agree.  I don’t think they will have much impact on the actual birth rate.  I do think that there are a lot worse ways to limit fertility than the modern ones.  And I think providing such methods will be a good thing. 

And I expect that as transportation becomes easier and as the inroads of Christian and Muslim missionaries shake up the old tribal patterns fertility will indeed fall.  No doubt those who make those methods possible will congratulate themselves.  But alas, the real reduction will be because of the bad old irreversible way that now dominates the world.

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