Those Saxons again:
Years ago now, I read a study that looked at the ancestry of the British as revealed by their genes.  The largest group was pre-Celtic Britons.  There were no Celts and few Anglo Saxons.  Obviously neither fact was tolerable, so the word “Celt” was redefined to mean anybody in Britain before the Anglo-Saxons.  After all, Celtic languages survive. 

And now (Tracing Anglo-Saxon Heritage Science vol. 351 no. 6271 January 22, 2016 page 322) they have found some more bones and got the Angl0-Saxons up to 38%.  They do not mention whether this includes immigrants since WW II. 

Well and good.  No point in denying anybody their foundation myth.  But my own feeling is that the tenor of the society is quite ancient; the common people, until recently, always have had their local community societies at least since they started farming.  Invaders do seem to adapt.  This ancient tradition includes a rather distrustful attitude toward authorities, the sense that people do have certain rights, in interest in education and high status for women.  At least that’s my take on it, and since it can’t be disproved, it’s not a scientific theory.  It’s just another foundation myth.

Low let’s see.  Evolution can’t be disproved either.  Whatever the evidence, the experts will say, “Evolution did that.”  I’ll not go up against their foundation myth either.  Fair is fair.  Of course if consensus is the final test of truth, mine is way off the mode.

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