We pass a threshold:
At the cost of being sentimental, I would like to point out that the number of visitors coming by is increasing.  Yesterday nobody actually turned any pages to look at any articles, but at least they found their way to us. 

Suppose you know something and somebody else needs to know.  You tell him and maybe he listens.  Maybe he tells somebody.  If there are ten who need to know then it is probably enough to tell three or four and hope the others spread the word.  A friend once told me to imagine there are thousands of monkeys on an island, and there are nuts to eat on the island.  You show one monkey how to open a nut, and he’s all right but most of them don’t know how.  So you show more monkeys.  When you have shown 100 monkeys, suddenly they all know.

The pattern seems to be the square root.  You have to get the word to a number that is the square root of the number who need to know.  This assumes they are going to talk to each other, but if they are not, there never was a chance anyway.

So I recon the number of people who speak English and have any chance of finding their way to the web site is less than the population of the United States.  Call it 100 million. 

The number of visitors has been increasing since the beginning and at an exponential rate.  But it is not a very high exponent.  The doubling time looks to be close to 6 months.  It is not realistic to think that will accomplish anything.  But once we pass some level, enough people should know so that everybody knows.  I am thinking that the number is 10,000.  Then at least from time to time somebody will mention it to somebody else and they will realize that they have both read or heard. 

We just passed that number.  So feel free to chat.  There is somebody out there who will understand.

There have been – tra la – 10,131 visitors so far.

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