A Tribute to Steven Nock PhD:
Sadly one of the experts consulted by the documentary “Demographic Winter” has passed away.  He taught at the University of Virginia, and his research involved causes and consequences of changes in the American family with particular interest in the relationship between the changes in families and public policy and the social sciences. 

During the documentary he mentioned some things of interest to us.  According to Dr. Nock, much of the change is families, and the resulting decline in fertility, could be laid at the door of the sexual revolution, birth control and even gender equality.  He pointed out that children need stable relationships, which is in stark contrast with his estimate that 40% of American births are out of wedlock.

Any misunderstanding of him on my part will be deeply regretted if I should learn of it.  I usually make every attempt to invite anyone I quote to comment on what I have said.  We must mourn the passing of an expert and deeply concerned human being.

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