What hurts comes back:
When I recently (On the flow between reality and perception) mentioned the tragic death of my friend who had recently returned as a Vietnam veteran I did not actually say what I thought was the cause of death.  I think everybody knows.  (Me Me Me SCIENCE vol. 343 no. 6167 March 14, 2014 page 1178 reviewing Cognition 131, 159 (2014) work by Strohmingter and Nichols)  You can find it easily in scripture. 

The Genesis explanation is that humans have been obsessed to the point of being cursed with our understanding of good and evil.  We share this with other animals, as has been shown.

The more recent work Americans were given online interviews about what they thought represented themselves, their moral judgments were the most important hands down. 

So consider the plight of the combat veteran.  He has tried to kill people.  The conscience is unimpressed with issues of patriotism or doing orders.  The fact of the intent to kill a human remains.  So as the veteran is being re-indoctrinated into civilian life he or she must incorporate that fact.  This is dangerous.  In the ensuing depression the person may make bad choices, may turn to drink or drug or, I do believe, be so distressed by the conflict between ego ideal and fact that the body simply shuts down. 

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