Who’s locked up?
Somebody has taken a peek into American prisons, (David Skarbek The Social Order of the Underworld: How Prison Gangs Govern the American Penal System Oxford University press as reviewed in Protection Rackets ECONOMIST vol. 412 no. 8902 August 30, 2014 page 72), and as you might have guessed you don’t want to go there. 

Yes, the prisons are run by gangs and the gangs are separated by race.

The thing needs to be juxtaposed with what I hear about an English town called Rotherham (and don’t think for a second it is the only town involved).  I wasn’t there, so I can only report things I read, but apparently for many years there has been a scandal in which underage girls, disproportionately local English, were sexually abused by men, disproportionately groups of men and disproportionately Pakistani, given alcohol and drugs and generally mistsreated.  This activity was called by the authorities “grooming.”  It has to be the great grandmammy of all euphemisms.  The reason it went on for so many years was that the social services ignored it, swept it under the carpet and generally failed to do their duty of protecting the young and helpless. 

The rationale seems to have been, “If we say anything people will call us racists.” 

Let me try a different term from grooming.  This was ongoing.  The failure to act not only facilitated the men’s crimes, but the actual presence of a government group tasked with defending the children discouraged anybody else from worrying about it.  There is something called “accessory after the fact,” which is bad enough.  Then there is something called being an accomplice, which carries equal guilt with the crime.  So the officials seem to be guilty not simply of flagrant negligence but of “child rape under color of authority.”  That’s got to be very bad.

No I don’t know if it happened.  I wasn’t there.  But the crime spree and the excuse have been reported.  I’m sure of that.  Ignore the misbehavior, assuming it existed.  The very fact that someone would report something like that happening and the excuse to be “We didn’t want to look racist,” can only mean that it was plausible.  In short in mainstream modern society people would rather commit child rape without even being present than face even the erroneous accusation of racism.  That is incredible. 

I think there is an instinctive impulse among humans to protect children.  Maybe I’m wrong; I have no scientific study to support that.  But it makes sense.  I had a good friend who was strolling the upper floor of a mall with his mother when they encountered a man treating a child badly.  The mother said, “You need to put a stop to that.”  My friend, bigger and stronger than I and at least as aggressive, swept the man up, held him over and beyond the railing and said, “Stop that.”  He did.  Now this might constitute excessive force, but that is what you would expect if an instinct has been called into play.  At least may we say that protecting children is normal?

There have been many tests that show unacknowledged racial prejudice.  Such a test might run first with the question, “Do you have racial prejudice?”  Select all who say no.  Next ask, “Under the same circumstances do you think a random member of one race is more likely to be violent or less intelligent than a random member of another race?”  Again, keep only those who say no. 

Then start the person at a computer task in which he is shown faces of people of different races, some the subject’s own and some not, and ask the subject to judge whether the face is trustworthy.  Dismiss the rather large number who are more willing to trust their own race.  Then ask the computer how long it took the subject to give a positive response to a different race than to the subjects own.  Again, a rather large number will betray a prejudice.  Scratch them off the list.  Then show the subject a couple of shirts and ask which is better looking.  Unmentioned has been the fact that all the members of the subject’s race were wearing one color and those of a different race were wearing another color.  A bunch more will select the color worn by their own race.  One suspects that the remaining few are simply smarter than those giving the test. 

So racism seems to be instinctive and often unconscious.  It’s not going away.  Against this background, how in the world could it be considered so bad by the mainstream world?

I have a suspicion, no more.  If I were nature and I had a population that had grown so big, maybe a thousand randomly mating, that it would ultimately destroy itself by speciation effects (you’ve read that summary I trust) I would eliminate that population; and so nature seems to be doing.  One of the ways, once the genetic underpinning of infertility in case of excessive gene pool size is established as I’m sure it was way back when the first species began to emerge, one way to do it would be to install a paradoxical order, “Ignore your own kin; mate with anything else.”

So let us high back to prison.  Most of the people there come from poor backgrounds.  They said during the Vietnam War that a young black man on point during a combat pantrol in Vietnam was less likely to be killed than the same black man walking down the sidewalk in his home city.  And that kind of violence is neighborhood specific.  I was once in Baltimore, and for reasons I don’t recall had to walk for a distance through a residential neighborhood.  At one point a youth shouted across the street to me, “Do you want to fight?”  It was not a threat.  It was an invitation.  His tone was quite civil.  Why else in the world would I be walking through their neighborhood?  Oh yes.  The guy was not particularly different from me so far as I could tell, but he could tell.

So the prison population consists of people who have long mated within their local neighborhood.  Nature is happy with them.  In the mainstream, it is just the opposite.

This was not in the review I read, but it is generally said that a child molester who is sent to prison must be kept away from the general population.  If they get a chance the gangs will kill him.  They don’t like that kind of stuff.

So in the prison race is accepted but child abuse is not.  Both of those appear to be instinctive.  Outside the prison racism is not accepted and although child abuse is rather scandalous it is clearly not as bad.  In short the normal people are in prison, and it is we of the pathological minds who are outside running things.

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