Wisdom of Florence Nightingale:
Florence Nightingale, the Lady of the Lamp, was an early champion of modern nursing. 

A recent article (Live Births, Dangerous Skies, King of Beers compiled by Daniel C. Schlenoff SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN vol. 303 no. 1 July 2010 page 14) quotes some remarks she made about tea in 1860.  There are those who have complained about the adoption by the English of tea rather than beer as the preferred refreshment.  Undernourishment has often been a problem in England, and while beer at least provides some nutritional value tea provides almost none.

On the other hand, tea is the drink that cheers but does not intoxicate. She reports that patients seem to enjoy a cup or two and it seems to do them some good.

But she goes on and says that three or four cups are no better and are bad for the digestion.

It has now been a century and a half since this particular perspective was published.  You would think that it would be axiomatic by now that if a little is good, more may be worse. 

The message has not yet come home to the field of mating pool size.  Hope that it does soon.

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