World of slaves:
My father, who was a very sociable and well intentioned man, would frequently stop to help strangers.  In those days cars were less reliable, and minor roadside difficulties not rare.  He pointed out to me once that he never introduced himself with, “Do you want a push?” nor “Do you need help?”  He would open with something like, “How are things going?”  It was up to the stranger to ask for help.  I still think this is a fair plan, assuming the person is able to ask for help.

However, when it comes to freeing slaves, the rules are different.  One does not ask a slave if the slave wants to be free.  Failing to take needs and wishes into account is begging for problems, but those problems must be accepted.  That’s just the way it is. 

Right now I am trying to free slaves.  Lots of slaves.  Consider what the biggest decision in your life is.  It is whether to have children.  Biologically, that is the only question in your life.  Humans are social entities who have further interests, but the question of children remains the most important.  Whatever else you may have done or cared about, only children are in a good position to carry on.  Any other right or freedom or privilege or entitlement is secondary.  The right to make a reproductive choice trumps them all.

There are two kinds of choice.  There is informed choice and there is uninformed choice.  An uninformed choice is a hollow sham of freedom.  It is merely a gamble.  A gambler can chose any number to play on the lottery, but ignorant of the actual result of the choice, the choice means nothing.  Many gamblers simply let a computer choose what numbers to play on a lottery. 

If your choice is not to have children, then you can make a free and informed choice in the matter.  Don’t have sex.  Anyone who tries to force you to go against your will in that case is committing a crime or an atrocity, depending on the circumstances.  I trust we are all on the same page.  Yes, there are other forms of birth control of various degrees of safety and effectiveness.  But not having sex is rock solid and your absolute right. 

But if you decide you do want to have children, you need information.  Sex in some form or other is required, but it is not the whole story.  And unless you know the whole story you are not really able to make an informed choice about whether to have children in the first place.

You may not be able to have children at all.  That depends on health issues that are beyond the scope of this discussion.  It also depends on choices your ancestors made.  There is nothing you can do about that.  But if you know the truth, then you can make an informed choice, realizing that your choice will have implications for your children to.  In other words, until you know what beyond mere sex is needed to have children and grandchildren, you are not free.  Your apparent freedom is an empty shell.  You can prattle about your ideas and live as you please perhaps, but when the key issue is on the line, you are as much a slave as if you were in chains.

Even if you know the truth, you are still not free unless everybody else knows it, too.  Your potential mates also are free not to marry you.  If they are not informed, your own knowledge does you no good.  Nobody is free until everybody is free.  Nobody can be free to have babies until everybody knows what is needed.  So far as I know, there has never been a free person on this planet.

We are all slaves.  Every man woman and child is a slave.  As a community, we do not know the truth.  We never have. 

Here is the truth that will set you free: if you want grandchildren, you must marry a third, fourth or fifth cousin or the equivalent going back ten generations.  Otherwise you will not have enough grandchildren to replace yourself.  That is clear from the Iceland study and is supported by a large amount of data that I have been at pains to teach you on this web site.  I am not trying to scare you.  I am trying to free you.

I am not teaching hate.  I am teaching survival. 

It seems to me that anybody with a conscience would, at the first whiff of this information, make it the highest priority to get at the truth.  Once the truth is known, then it should be the highest priority to get the truth out.  Until then, we are all doomed to live as slaves and, in all likelihood, doomed period.  Our great nations will die.  Our civilization will fall to ruin.  Our treasures will be remembered, if anybody at all survives, will be remembered with fear and loathing.  But what is worse, we shall continue to live as slaves. 

I am doing my best.  But there is a limit to what I can do.  Everybody who sees the flame needs to light a torch and hold it high.

The scientists have done their job.  They continue to do their job.  The proof is on the shelf, and more evidence continues to accumulate.  But there so far it has ended.

Think about the economy.  If you own factories and square miles of fertile farmland, orchards and ranches, mines and oil well, shipping lines, hotels and a circus you are not rich unless somebody is going to use them.  If there are no babies, nobody is going to use them.  That is why our economy is in tatters.  We lack the intelligent people to guide it.  We lack the productive people coming along to put in the effort.

So it is with the truth.  It accomplishes nothing if it is not used. 

If we choose to recognize the truth, the future is brighter than any past.  If we choose to ignore it, the future is dark and silent.

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