Strictly speaking a zombie is a creature of African or West Indian folklore.  It is a body that has been raised from the dead.  The movie zombie is different. 

I was treated to a zombie movie last Halloween.  I sat there thinking, “I ought to be spending this time thinking about fertility.”  Then something began to emerge through the mist of the drama.

In modern movie making zombeism is sort of an infectious disease.  I noticed you turn into a zombie when a zombie bites you, like it was rabies or something.  Well guess what.  The urban infertility that seems to have been noticed throughout history is now attributed to infection even though we no longer have so much infection in the modern world but still have the infertility.  Infection is the old bogyman. 

Than I noticed that people had only a moderate amount of difficulty in accepting the existence of the phenomenon.  You don’t hammer at them for years with graphs and diagrams and come up blank.  “OK,” seems the attitude, “They’re here so we must deal with it.” 

I have never seen an explanation of where zombies come from.  But the condition is passed along.  I thought, “You get infertility from other people, too.”  How very odd.

You treat zombies by shooting them in the head with a gun.   That won’t work for infertility so don’t try it. 

And zombies as a community are doomed.  They cannot reproduce.  They can only recruit, only feed off the living.  When the living run out, the zombies are finished.  But they can persist for a long time.  Well as the population becomes infertile we also are doomed.  We totter along looking pretty much human and doing human things, but in the big picture we are just the remnant of what was once alive.

I wonder whether the infertility our country has been facing has anything to do with the popularity of zombie movies.  Did it set up a background of the perception of doom coming by unknown means from an unknown direction that primed our minds to accept a universe with zombies at least for purposes of drama?  I really don’t know. 

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